A simple way to create a powerful Digital Vision Board

A simple way to create a powerful Digital Vision Board

Imagine a secret tool that supports you design, release, and shape your life and all of its components just as you please. What about a tool that brings you more clarity about your true intentions? What about a tool that helps you become happier and content, someone that’s more expanded? Sound like something you’d like?

Still a little sceptical? What can you lose? Not much really. But if it does work, it would make you feel happier.

By creating and using a Digital Vision Board or any Vision Board correctly, you can do exactly that. You can redesign and reshape your whole being if you follow a certain procedure. Allow yourself to be open and dive into the world of Digital Vision Boards.

Unleash the Power of Intention

Making a Digital Vision Board isn’t something you should complete in haste even though the temptation may be there as it’s so simple and exciting. Find a nice quiet place and start off by relaxing. Let your imagination flow.

For the sake of making it effective and powerful, you need intention, and clarity. You’ll have to unpack your intention to understand the power that you hold.

Properly engaging in creating a Vision Board or Wishboard, as it is often called, helps you begin the process of discovering yourself and your dreams. Aligning with your deeper self will make manifesting much easier. By doing that alone, you’re already setting the Law of Attraction into motion to your advantage.

Let’s go deeper…

Clarity is crucial - to want everything is to want nothing

Ask yourself; what really matters to me?  How do I want to feel? What are my aspirations? And what is my intention in life? Dive deep into yourself and connect to your inner guidance. The inner guidance where no ego plays a role.

Imagine the best version of you, you could ever dream of. Without limitations, where absolutely nothing is impossible. You might want to take a piece of paper and take notes of  your thoughts.

Your spirit gets quieter and looks at all the wonderful images in your mind’s eye, allowing your ego to slowly drift away and loosen its grip. Your most authentic self is allowed to take the wheel, your creative self.

It can be an overwhelming experience when you are presented with many different ideas and goals. To find your true intention think of this, goals are measurable, and intention is more of a deeper calling.

The mind feels more comfortable with certain limitations as it’s able to focus. To want everything is to want nothing, so choose maximum 2-3 topics. Intention and clarity are most important to make the Vision Board work.

Some tips to become clearer

If you find setting your intention difficult at first then you are not alone. That’s what most of us struggle with in the beginning. Here are some questions to ask yourself to become clearer:

1. When was the last time where I really felt happiness and contentment? What did I do, think and feel?

2. If people’s opinions, money, and my own fears wouldn’t matter, what would I be, do or have?

3. What do I have to believe in, in order to be, do or have these things?

4. Who is the person I want to become?

5. What thoughts and negative beliefs do I have to let go off in order to have what I want?

A Vision Board will help you begin the process of discovering yourself and your dreams. It will bring awareness into your life. Energy flows where intention goes. If you focus on what you want, it expands and that what you don’t want falls away. Become intentional and follow your bliss!

Feeling - it is about becoming in line with the energy first before you get it

This whole process is really more of a feeling process rather than thinking. For example, if you want a new house, how do you want that home to make you feel? If you want a relationship, how does your partner feel to you? How does your ideal relationship feel to you? Imagine the qualities and traits you want in that partner or house.

Now that you have brought awareness into your life and are clear on the purpose of your Vision Board, it’s time for the creative process…

Selecting the right images for your Digital Vision Board

When you look at the images, what feelings do they invoke in you? Choose images that strike your fancy. It can be anything that delights you and represents your vision. There really are no wrong or rights.

Select images that make it crystal clear as to what you want in life.

Go wild and have fun while selecting them. Remain open, you might find yourself drawn to a picture you didn’t initially have on your radar.

After you’ve selected a few images you’ll want to sort them. Simplicity is important here. While doing this allow your intuition to guide you. And truly eliminate what doesn’t feel right. Get rid of all images that don’t match your intuition.

Add at least one or more  pictures of yourself into your Vision Board. A gorgeous, radiant, and happy picture of yourself that sparks joy inside you every time you look at it.

If you get bored by the images then simply change them. Also keep in mind that over time your desires might change as you are making your Vision Boards.

Add Affirmations for maximum benefit

I recommend choosing Affirmations that go hand in hand with your emotional images or the intentions you have. The Affirmations will help you as you are training your brain to think more optimistically and therefore become more positive.

Affirmations will amplify the positive impact of the images on a different mental level, which works in one session, at the same time. This is clearly an advantage of state of the art Digital Vision Board apps, where you can combine very easily moving images with spoken affirmations.

Music is the shorthand of emotion

You can also listen to inspiring Music to further stimulate your emotions. Now, this is a great benefit specifically for Digital Vision Board apps. They have the ability to revive many of your senses simultaneously by playing music while you’re enjoying your Vision Board.

Why Digital Vision Boards?

Whilst making the traditional, old Vision Boards is fun, you often don’t have them available when needed because they are poster boards on your wall. Digital Vision Boards are great in so many ways...

You can always carry them with you. When you feel a relapse of negative emotion coming over you, you can immediately grab your phone and pull yourself out of any situation you don’t feel resonates with the person you’re becoming.

They are like your very own secret little companion where you can freely engage with your most intimate desires without having anyone else know or see them (unless you want to share of course).

There’s also no need to go out and collect any kind of material. It’s all right there waiting for you to choose. It’s also a very handy way to combine Visualization and Affirmations with emotional Music to achieve greater impact.

Congratulations ! You’ve engaged with your authentic self, set your intentions, become clear on what you want, and you’ve created the most effective Digital Vision Board out there.

Stay tuned for part 2 on how to experience your Digital Vision Board in the most effective way - Fully exploit it!!!

And now if you wish, you could try it out and experience the Magic for yourself.