Work & Career

Work & Career

Are you stuck with a boring job to pay your bills while others have turned their calling into their profession? You wonder how others are climbing the career ladder unstoppably while you are only slowing and painstakingly moving up? While new business and career opportunities present themselves to others, your progress stagnates?

Then download your Perfectly Happy app. Perfectly Happy helps you improve your attitude toward work & career. Our thoughts and feelings have an enormous influence on what we attract, on what comes to us, this applies to work & career, as well as all other things in life. Change your thoughts and feelings and you will reach your goals much more easily and faster – your Perfectly Happy movie will help you.

First, create your personal Perfectly Happy movie, which shows what your dream job, your dream profession looks like. Choose an occupation, a job that brings you the greatest happiness and satisfaction. Choose your dream profession regardless of financial considerations and regardless of your current job. Listen to your inner voice, to your feelings. For your movie, choose images that show what is really important to you in your job, such as pleasant, friendly colleagues, a lot of freedom for creative thoughts, a good salary, an international environment or whatever you have always wanted. Combine these with personal photos of yourself and positive Affirmations. The more emotional, exciting and appealing the pictures, the better. You thereby create a strong emotional connection between your wishes and yourself.

Afterwards, you ideally watch your personal Perfectly Happy movie every morning immediately after waking up and in the evening before going to sleep. With the help of the movie you can imagine how good it feels when you work, and how much fun and happiness you have in your new job. You imagine how your colleagues and customers appreciate your performance at work. It feels so good.

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Work & Career:

Doing your work feels as easy as practicing your favorite hobby.

By doing this, you train your subconscious to create a mental image of your dream job that should then become your reality. Your subconscious cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. You’ll condition your subconscious using images, Affirmations and sound in combination with positive emotions. Over time, negative thoughts will be replaced by positive ones.

Grow beyond your current life circumstances with Perfectly Happy. Become the creator of your dream life! Use the power of your thoughts and feelings to your advantage using the Perfectly Happy app – it just takes 3 minutes a day.

Allow your life to be defined by your positive vision of your future instead of a memory of the past. Live up to your full potential!

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