Affirmations for spiritual growth

Mutual help makes everyone involved
inwardly rich

Getting something meaningful to work in life – is the supreme discipline of our being. It is incredibly fulfilling to make a positive contribution and make the world a better place. No matter how small an act, it certainly means the world to the person being helped.

If you feel that there are more important things than the daily routine and the purely material possessions, then download the Perfectly Happy app. With it, you will succeed in sharpening your sense of spirituality and letting more positive energy into your life. You only have to spend three minutes a day to achieve a positive mindset. The personal vision board you create use the law of attraction to your advantage.

The point here is that our thoughts and feelings have a great influence on what we attract and thus bring into our lives. Therefore, it is of course wise to practice an exclusively positive mindset on a daily basis!

How can I become a better person?

Spirituality: Discover the power within you

When you have the feeling of being part of something bigger, of being part of a larger whole and having a purpose, you automatically feel more fulfilled, more complete and stronger. Furthermore, spirituality does not presuppose religiosity . Your inner voice, vitality and enjoyment of life can be activated and strengthened relatively easily with a personal vision board.

Use the Gratitude Journal in addition to the Vision Boards. This is like a log of gratitude and helps you to achieve or expand your spiritual goals.

Do good: Do a good deed every day

There is a lot of truth in the old adage of doing something good every day. Because you automatically have the nice side effect of feeling better about yourself in addition to the fact that you have helped. Get the mood boost, karma points included!

With Perfectly Happy vision board app to a happier & better person

Digital Vision Boards are short videos that you can easily create yourself. Three minutes a day is enough to focus on your video vision board, preferably right before bed and after waking up. They are meant to help you visualize your spiritual life as you would like it to be. When creating, listen to your inner voice, it will guide you. Perfectly Happy helps you organize your positive thoughts and feelings, recognize your true priorities in life and give them the space they deserve. Our thoughts and feelings have a tremendous impact on what we attract into our lives. Wherever you focus your conscious and unconscious thoughts, that is where your energy goes. Where your energy goes, your reality will manifest.

First, create your personal vision board movie with the help of the Perfectly Happy app that shows how you do good and what positive reactions it triggers in you and others. Symbols and images that mean happiness to you are essential here. You combine these with personal photos of yourself and positive affirmations. The more emotional, exciting, and beautiful the pictures, the better. You create a strong emotional connection between your desired image and yourself. The digital vision board you designed on the topic of doing good & spirituality could show the following images:

Ideally, you should also include personal photos, because the more emotions that come up when looking at the vision boards, the better. This makes it easier to create a stronger connection between you and your desires. The app combines them & instantly creates an inspiring, personalized vision board video clip for you. You can also think about positive affirmations yourself. Use our example videos to have a starting point:

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! Dare to step into a more fulfilling reality, in just three minutes a day you can achieve the positive mindset you need for your dream life. Live your full potential with Perfectly Happy!

Inspirations on affirmations for spirituality

The following positive affirmations will help you get off to a good start. They can both be adopted and serve as a guide if you want to work out your own affirmations. Always use positive wording and avoid words like “not”, “no” or the like. If necessary, change the following beliefs to fit your desires. Have fun creating your own video vision board!