Gratitude Journal & Gratefulness Diary App

Experience gratitude more consciously

Are you haunted by negative thoughts? Are you dissatisfied and do not feel able to change something in your life? A step towards a happier life can be to remind yourself every day of what you are thankful for. With the help of a gratitude journal, also known as a gratefulness diary or happiness diary, you can focus on the positive things in your life in just a few minutes every day. Here you can find out how it works – and why the Perfectly Happy gratitude journal app is the ideal place for your positive thoughts!

What are the benefits of a gratitude journal app or gratefulness diary app?

The American psychologist Martin E. P. Seligman, who has researched in the field of depression, has proven it: Anyone who keeps a happiness diary feels more balanced and content after just one month. In his 2005 study, it was clearly shown that subjects who wrote down the three best moments of their day every evening felt happier than the control group, who wrote down childhood memories every day. This effect was still evident six months after the end of the study.

A happiness diary is therefore a proven psychological tool that can have a positive effect on your mood and your attitude towards life. As the name suggests, it’s a journal of good memories – and the things you’re grateful for.

The positive effects of gratitude

It’s not happiness that brings you gratitude – it’s gratitude that brings you happiness! And in several ways. If you think about how much good is already in your life, you will notice the following over time:

What do I write in a gratefulness diary?

It only takes a few minutes a day to feel the positive effects of a gratitude journal or gratefulness diary. At the end of the day – preferably right before you go to bed – review your latest experiences. What good happened to you and what are you thankful for?

It can be a moment, a person or something material. Think about three to five points each day and write them into your gratefulness diary. Of course, great moments of happiness don’t happen every day, but even small things in everyday life are worth being grateful for! Your comfortable bed, for example, the nice colleague who complimented you, the beautiful weather, one of your talents or a good song that you have just discovered. You will find out: Every day has something positive in store – you just have to be aware of it!

At first it can sometimes be a challenge. Over time, however, you will notice that it is becoming easier and easier for you to discover positive things – also because you are more attentive to the small and large good moments during the day. With just a few minutes a day, you can start a positive cycle of gratitude and the law of attraction.

Gratitude, gratefulness & the law of attraction - a power pack

Wondering what the law of attraction is all about? It’s actually quite simple: It says that our thoughts determine how we behave and what we attract into our lives. So if you focus on what you are missing in your life or have not yet achieved, you will encounter more failures and missed opportunities. But if you focus on the positive and your goals, you work both consciously and unconsciously towards aligning your thoughts and actions with them. You will find that you will be far happier with the status quo of your life, but that new plans will also be easier to implement.

Perfectly Happy's gratitude journal & gratefulness diary app

With the Perfectly Happy app, you always have your personal gratefulness diary, also called gratitude journal or happiness diary, at hand. So you can always remind yourself in bad moments how much luck your life already has in store for you. Simply enter your positive experiences of the day every evening and, if you like, upload photos of them with just a few clicks. This keeps the memories of your happy moments even more alive.

You see: The habit of consciously being grateful can fundamentally change the way you look at life. And all you need is a first entry in your gratitude journal &gratefulness diary app. Try it out now and test the Perfectly Happy gratitude journal & gratefulness diary free of charge – in addition to your personal gratitude journal, other functions such as the digital vision board or widgets for your positive affirmations are immediately available to you. For the happiest and most grateful version of yourself!

“Be thankful for what you have – then you will get even more. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will never be satisfied.”