Affirmations for Family & Affirmations for Friends

For a harmonious togetherness

Constant arguments with family and friends bother you? Or do you find it difficult to get involved with people? Basically, every human being strives for harmony and love, and it is only a question of the right thoughts and feelings how interpersonal relationships work. The Perfectly Happy app with the power of affirmations for family and affirmations for friends helps you to positively influence your attitude towards family and friends. It will also make it easier for you to make new friends.

The Perfectly Happy app helps you to have a positive mindset in a very simple way. In just three minutes a day you concentrate on your affirmations or positive beliefs. You can use the law of attraction to influence your thoughts and feelings in such a way that people come into your life who are good for you.

Affirmations for family: Blood is thicker than water

If you dream of your own family, perhaps you have a strong desire to have children, you can create a mind movie, for example, to visualize your dream family. Here you can decide how many children you want to have. You can also visualize your idea of how you and your children interact with each other. This way you can indulge in advance and influence how your offspring will treat you.

You have already started a family, but things are not going well? Constant arguments burden you and the everyday life of your family members? The vision boards in the Perfectly Happy app in combination with positive affirmations for  a happy family can also help you here.

Affirmations for friends: Rich are those who have true friends

In fact, we unconsciously control who comes into our lives and how those people interact with us. The Vision boards you create help you change your social mindset to a positive one. This will help you attract the right people. Choose your ideal circle of friends. What hobbies and interests would you like your friends to have? Listen to your inner voice, your feelings. Then write positive affirmations for friends to attract the ideal people into your life.

Another tool is the Perfectly Happy happiness diary. With a so-called Gratitude Journal you can let more gratitude into your life. In this way, you learn to appreciate the people in your life better and to contribute to your well-being in general. Because only those who appreciate both the big and the small things in life will find true happiness.

The focus is on listening to yourself and recognizing what you really want. Listen to your inner voice – it will show you who the right people are for you!

Which images should I choose?

Choose images that symbolize for you important criteria of a friendship or family. These can be photos that emphasize the following:

A combination of these pictures with personal photos of yourself and positive affirmations for family or positive affirmations for friends is particularly recommended. Your choice should fall on images that trigger positive emotions in you. The app combines them and instantly creates an inspirational vision board video clip for you. In this way, you ensure that there is a stronger connection between you and the desired images.

You then watch your personal Happy Movie every morning after you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed, in order to reprogram your subconscious to this positive way of thinking, so to speak. Looking for inspiration? Here you will find example vision boards for the different areas of life.

With Perfectly Happy, you become the creator(s) of your dream life! Over time, negative thoughts are replaced with positive ones in just 3 minutes a day. And from positive comes positive. Live your full potential – it can be so easy.

Inspirational affirmations for family and affirmations for friends

Here are a few examples of positive affirmations. Feel free to take them to hand or change them according to your feelings so that they suit you and your wishes exactly. Have fun creating your personal Video Vision Board!