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Always keep your goals and dream life in mind

A vision board, also called dream board or goal board, is a powerful, psychological tool to visualize your goals. It helps you to have your desires and goals in life clearly in mind and always present. You combine images, affirmations and symbols that represent your dream life, inspire and motivate you. This is how you can use the law of attraction effectively and take it into your own hands to become happy.

Basically, a vision board works very simply: the more vividly you have the idea of ​​your dream life in mind, the more motivated you are to achieve it. You take the necessary steps towards your goals automatically and without doubt – sometimes even subconsciously.

So a vision board is quite effective. But: A digital vision board is even more effective! Here you can find out what it is all about and how you can use it for yourself.

What is a digital vision board?

A “classic” vision board, which can now be found on the wall in quite a few households, is a picture collage in the form of a poster, a board or something similar. The downside: it only stimulates you in one way, and that’s through your sense of sight.

A digital vision board, also known as a mind movie, as in the Perfectly Happy app, appeals to several of your senses. Moving images, spoken affirmations and inspiring music make your goals come alive and trigger even stronger emotions in you – the basis for effective visualization.

And the best thing about it: You always have your digital vision board with you, no matter when and where you want to look at it. Why not use the waiting time at the airport or in the subway or the coffee break at work to make your dream life mentally present, to feel it, to believe in it?

 With the Perfectly Happy digital vision board app, you always have your little mental companion in your pocket.

How does a digital vision board work?

“When you see it in front of you and believe in it, it’s much easier for you to achieve it.”


The function of both a “classic” and a digital vision board is based on the law of attraction. It says that your thoughts determine where your life goes – because we attract what we think and radiate. The following four points ensure that you get one step closer to your goals every day with the help of a mind movie:

How do you use a digital vision board?

“Never go to sleep without a message to your subconscious.”


… and that’s it! It doesn’t take more than these three simple steps to achieve any goal in your life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a career, relationship, family and friends, health or material things – you can achieve what you want in every respect. Perfectly Happy will help you with that.

How Perfectly Happy can help you

The Perfectly Happy digital vision board uses the combination of inspiring images and positive affirmations spoken by a calm voice. It stimulates you on both, a conscious and subconscious level.

The Perfectly Happy app is your simple and most important tool for working on your goals and dreams. Test it now for free and discover the other functions such as the happiness diary. Your full potential is waiting to be lived!

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