How does Perfectly Happy Meditation work?

Perfectly Happy is a digital video vision board that helps you change your life for the better. Easily and in no time, you can create 3-minute meditation movies on your smartphone or tablet, which show your dream life. Watch and enjoy your personal short movie immediately afterwards.

With your personal movie you can train your subconscious to create a clear mental image of your dream life and desired achievements, as if they have already become a reality.

Perfectly Happy uses inspiring images, positive affirmations and emotional music to address not only one, but many senses simultaneously. This makes it much easier to connect your clear intention with an elevated emotion. As a result, your conscious and subconscious thoughts will no longer be affected by memories of the past, but by your positive vision of the future. Positive thoughts replace negative ones.

Whatever you focus your conscious and subconscious thoughts on, that’s where your energy will go. Wherever your energy goes, that’s where your reality will manifest itself ( Law of Attraction ). Remove mental and emotional blocks and overcome invisible obstacles that are keeping you from living your dream life.

Your digital video vision board is there for you anytime to help you turn your mind to good and beautiful things. Reach inner peace at your personal dream place.

Improve your life in all important areas, like health, weight loss, sleep & inner peace, work & career, wealth, family & friends, partner & relationship and doing good & spirituality.

Become more mindful, focused, confident, creative and successful in realizing your true dreams and goals. Countless successful athletes, managers and artists have been using the power of visualization and affirmations for many years to reach their goals and get closer to their dream life.

The Perfectly Happy app brings the established century-old techniques of visualization, affirmations, mantras and mindfulness into the digital age of the 21st century.

With the Perfectly Happy app this is super easy and doesn’t require any prior knowledge. It’s fun and feels great!

You too can find your personal dream life and live up to your fullest potential!

Get started now!