How to attract Wealth and your Dream Lifestyle?

No matter how old you are, where you’re from or where you’re born into, you probably have the aspiration of achieving great wealth. Like most people do, but in reality only 1% of the world’s population has achieved it. What in fact is wealth? Most people define being wealthy as being able. to afford whatever their hearts desire, provided one can acquire it with money. But for one person it means private jets and yachts and for another it can be as simple as choosing your daily activities according to how you feel; not having to get up in the morning to go and sit in an office but rather being able to spend your day doing whatever you want.

Isn’t it an exciting and steady feeling waking up in the morning knowing that all your bills are paid for? You can go out and not have to look at price tags when purchasing what you want. Even if it’s not your dream or goal to be wealthy as such, it gives a sense of stability, knowing that you you can easily afford all of your heart’s desires.

In this post I’d like to address generally how YOU (and only YOU) are preventing yourself from achieving the lifestyle you desire and what you can do to help yourself to get to where you want to be and empower you in achieving the wealth and lifestyle YOU dream of.

Become aware of your old negative belief structures

Let’s start with the reason why most of us in the western world are not living the life we dream of in terms of money. There’s most likely a certain belief structure in place that keeps the stream of wealth and abundance (which, in actuality, is flowing all around you in form of energy) from coming into your experience. Somewhere deep down and mostly taken on from a young age, from your parents or your social environment, there’s a belief towards money and wealth that is stopping the stream of abundance from coming into your life experience. Often beliefs have been taken over from your parents or social environment.

It could be a belief that you’re not worthy of receiving money, that there’s not enough, or even that money is the root of all evil, resulting in the feeling of hopelessness and the lack of financial resources will keep you in this mindset. Often people believe that only consistent hard work will lead to wealth. Getting to the core belief, breaking it down and transforming or replacing it with a new set of beliefs, will not only make you feel better, it will take you right to where you want to go.

Introduce a new motivating belief structure

Acknowledge and replace your belief with a new and more motivating one, such as “I can help more people with my wealth”, “I am worthy of abundance”, “money flows easily to me”, “I create my own reality and therefore I create my own wealth”,, “I am a magnet for money and wealth”, “I am rich”, “being rich does me good”, “money flows to me and I welcome it”, “wealth suits me”  and so on. These affirmations vary from person to person as each individual will have a different set of beliefs and a different feeling toward each belief.

You can have as many affirmations as you want. The key here is choosing one that resonates with you and generally gives you a positive feeling. Believing what you’re actually saying can be beneficial and again gently focus on the way you feel while repeating the affirmation.  Once you’ve managed to replace the old belief with a new one you may feel a shift in yourself.

You can literally feel yourself into wealth and abundance, through visualization and feeling good with what you have right now. Being thankful and grateful for all the wonderful and joyous things we’re surrounded by is really something we should remind ourselves of on a daily basis.

Use the law of attraction to your advantage

The Universe gives us what we feel and think about. In the words of the famous Earl Nightingale: “You become what you think about most of the time.” Feel and think as if you were already abundant and you will attract the abundance you seek. I know this sounds easier said than done but anything worth achieving requires persistency and consistency. Napoleon Hill phrased it this way: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.”

This is basically what Law of Attraction is about. Look around you right now and count at least three things of which you have an abundance of and are grateful for, as silly as it may seem. It could be an abundance of water, or shoes or even love that you are surrounded by. By feeling that abundance and guiding your way out of the feeling of lack you’re automatically making ways for the Universe to give you the abundance you desire and deserve.

By first adding yourself into the picture and then seeing the picture through your eyes as if you were to be in that scenario right now, you’re focusing strong particle flow toward the specific thing you want. When then adding the feeling and focusing on it for a little more than one minute that seed you’ve planted begins to germinate and everything you desire will start rushing toward you.

Go to the car dealership and sit in your dream car, go and try on your dream clothes, go to the fancy restaurant and look at the menu and take it home with you. Go do dream building and feel like you already have all you want and soon it will be yours. Every wealthy person went and tried the objects they wanted long before they could afford them because they know about the power dream building and visualization hold. All throughout the day look at pictures of the lifestyle you want. Even if you don’t see any results for the next days, weeks, months or even years it sure as hell will make you feel good.

Step by step guide when manifesting:

  • Always word affirmations in a positive way (for example: instead of saying “I don’t want to have money problems”, say: “I have an abundance of money”).
  • Say it like it’s already yours: “I have more than enough money right now”
  • Spend as little time as possible thinking about what you don’t want.
  • Meditate on it.
  • See it, smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it -> make use of your senses.
  • If it’s real in your brain/mind it has to become real in the physical world. The mind or brain can’t tell imagination from reality.
  • Train your mind to have a positive outlook on life. Count your blessings everyday.

At the end of the day it’s not about the money or the items, it’s about the feeling we think money will give us and the feeling of what we can buy with the money we desire. How do you feel wearing a Rolex watch? How do you feel buying the newest phones and cameras? How does it make you feel when you know your bills are paid for? You can have that feeling right now just by imagining it.

Believe in the abundance of the Universe

Money is there to be gotten. There is more than enough resources on the planet for every single human being to be rich and wealthy. If you were to lose or give all your money away, by tomorrow (metaphorically speaking) you could have it all back.

But does a wealthy lifestyle really mean you’re living a happier, more meaningful life? I personally really do believe that a lifestyle full of “riches” is the most uplifting and inspiring experience when you share it with others.

Having a wealthy lifestyle and lots of money is a beautiful thing and sharing it with others not only benefits them but also you. Through karma, what you give is what you get. Especially when you give it with joy, from your heart and unconditionally. A general rule of thumb I live by, is that when I do something for another or give something to someone, I never expect anything in return.

Be open minded and let the universe do its magic

Also, try not to focus on how it’s coming in, let the Universe do its job and figure it out, that part really isn’t ours to worry about. Your only job is stepping aside, getting your feelings aligned and letting it in. There are endless ways for you to achieve a wealthy lifestyle and your mind can’t think of all of them. By trusting and knowing that what you want is coming to you, you automatically open more doors for it to be delivered.

A must watch on this topic would be the movie “The Secret”. If you are a book lover you can read it since it has also been published as a book. It addresses the topic of Law of Attraction. Biographies and auto-biographies of people who already have what you want can act as a great motivation and give you a lot of insight on how to achieve your goals and dreams in achieving the lifestyle you desire.

For me personally, also a very useful book is “Ask and it’s given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It teaches you how to manifest your desires in the most profound way.

The energy of the people around you matters

Another thing to keep in mind is, what people are you surrounded by? Maybe you can remember the time when your parents said: “If you hang around that person, you’ll turn out just like them!” Well there’s some truth to that. Be around people that have the vibration of wealth and goodness at heart and it will help put you in the same mindset as those wealthy people. You can always have, be or do whatever you want, be grateful for where you’re at and eager for more. You can be a leading example of the person that made it in your family or friend group.

We are all abundant spiritual beings by nature and we came to this earth to re-define abundance in a tangible way. At the end of the day it’s all energy and all energy is accessible and renewable. So take life light hearted.

Money is not good or bad its simply energy

Loving money and having a belief that it will buy you out of your misery is where the balance of our inner spiritual knowing and our strive for more begins to tip. So, love people and yourself and use money as a tool. And when you do reach your dream lifestyle, and you will, remember to share your stories with many other people that are where you once were. We only live this life once, why not live it in the way we want to and support each other in achieving our goals?

Keep your eye on your goal. You will always feel at your best when you’re in the act of achieving your desires. You can do it, whatever it is you want to succeed in. Simply believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve your desires. Don’t allow anybody to get in your head and tell you otherwise.

Wealth doesn’t determine who you are, you determine your worth. And you already are worthy of whatever it is you want. It’s your life, you deserve the wealth and lifestyle of your dreams and so much more you can’t imagine right now. Just be perfectly happy.

Perfectly Happy is not only simple and enjoyable in its application, it also helps you achieve all of the above mentioned. It is a profound tool that stimulates several senses simultaneously, on a ground breaking level. Not only does it help you change your conscious but, also your subconscious thoughts. It gives you a more positive and uplifting outlook on life, through that you change your believes about money and attract the wealth and abundance you seek.

Become perfectly happy and step into your fullest potential.

Get started now!