How to make a powerful Vision Board for Manifestation

Imagine a secret tool that supports you design, release, and shape your life and all of its components just as you please, like a manifestation amplifier. What about a tool that brings you more clarity about your true intentions? What about a tool that helps you become happier and content, someone that’s more expanded? Sound like something you’d like?

Vision Boards and Visualization are frequently used by A-list celebrities, Olympic champions and business moguls to reach their peak performance.

Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry are only a few examples that successfully use these techniques to their advantage. Don’t you think you should give it a try too?

Still a little sceptical? What can you lose? Not much really. But if it does work, it would be life changing.

So, what is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board or Dream Board, as it is often called, is one of the most powerful ways to visualize your dream life and keep you focused. A Vision Board is a compilation of positive, inspiring images that represent your goals and things you want to work towards in your life.

It’s basically a representation of what you’ve always wanted to be, do, or have. Thanks to Vision Boards you can deliberately focus your powerful attention (Visualization) in order to create a beautiful life that fills you with amazement. It is a great tool for turning your dreams into reality. It is a manifestation amplifier.

The secret behind why it works

Visualization is a process of forming a mental image in your mind of things you want in your life. You visualize it in your mind’s eye over and over again until it becomes evident in your life.

The secret formula behind the highly effective Visualization process consists of two elements – thoughts and feelings:

You must have

  • clear thoughts and intentions: Create a clear image of your dream (conscious thought)

and combine it with

  • elevated emotions and feelings: Imagine your dream becoming reality and feel how satisfying it is (subconscious)

When you engage the Visualization process you emit a powerful frequency out into the Universe. It’s like giving a command. And the Universe moves heaven and earth for you to have it.

What you think and feel is what creates your reality, it’s what you become.

The Law of Attraction is the law which allows us to see the evidence of these thoughts and feelings.

To attract and manifest what you want in life here are the three essential steps:

Step 1: How to make a powerful Vision Board

Step 2: Bringing your Vision Board to life

Step 3: Manifest, live and enjoy your dream life

Step 1: How to make a powerful Vision Board

Making a Vision Board isn’t something you should complete in haste even though the temptation may be there as it’s so simple and exciting. Find a nice quiet place and start off by relaxing. Let your imagination flow.

For the sake of making it effective and powerful, you need intention and clarity.

Oprah Winfrey quote visualization law of attraction manifestation
Oprah Winfrey quote visualization law of attraction manifestation 

Defining your goals – clarity is crucial

List areas of your life that are important to you right now. Ask yourself; what really matters to me?  How do I want to feel? What are my aspirations? And what is my intention in life? Dive deep into yourself and connect to your inner guidance. The inner guidance where no ego plays a role.

This whole process is really more of a feeling process rather than thinking. For example, if you want a new house, how do you want that home to make you feel? If you want a relationship, how does your partner feel to you? How does your ideal relationship feel to you? Imagine the qualities and traits you want in that partner or house.

Imagine the best version of you, you could ever dream of. Without limitations, where absolutely nothing is impossible.

When I created my vision board I proceeded by writing down my answers on a piece of paper (which I recommend you to do, as it’s energetically immensely powerful) exactly what thoughts and feelings got me most excited and whatever it was that sparked happiness in me.

To want everything is to want nothing. The mind feels more comfortable with certain limitations as it’s able to focus. Choose a maximum 2-3 topics. Intention and clarity are most important to make the Vision Board work.


If you find setting your intention difficult at first then you are not alone. That’s what most of us struggle with in the beginning. Here are some questions to ask yourself to become clearer:

1. When was the last time where I really felt happiness and contentment? What did I do, think and feel?

2. If people’s opinions, money, and my own fears wouldn’t matter, what would I be, do or have?

3. What do I have to believe in, in order to be, do or have these things?

4. Who is the person I want to become?

5. What thoughts and negative beliefs do I have to let go off in order to have what I want?

When asking these questions, be sure you don’t mistaken happiness with fast lived pleasure. Many people believe that happiness is having fun at a party, the thrill and passion of sex, or the delights of drinking a bottle of excellent wine.

They can go hand in hand and can be interlinked but they are not the same. Perfect happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is great and you can’t help but smile. It is a sense of well-being and contentment. Perfect happiness is a perfect state of being, a divine state of being. Life is just as it should be.

A Vision Board will help you begin the process of discovering yourself and your dreams. It will bring awareness into your life.

Energy flows where intention goes. If you focus on what you want, it expands and that what you don’t want falls away. By doing that alone, you’re already setting the Law of Attraction into motion to your advantage. Become intentional and follow your bliss!

Now that you have brought awareness into your life and are clear on the purpose of your Vision Board, it’s time for the creative process…

Selecting inspiring images for your Vision Board

Choose images that strike your fancy, and align to the goals that you have just identified. It can be anything that delights you and represents your vision. There really are no wrong or rights.

When you look at the images, always ask yourself what feelings do they invoke in you?

It could be images of people you want to meet, an object like a new home or car that you want so dearly, a fulfilling new job, places you want to visit something that symbolizes an aspirational state of mind or feeling. Whatever it is that inspires you and represents your goals and desires, can be put on your Vision Board.

Look for images in magazines, on the internet, postcards or anything you can find which represented those positive feelings.

If you use a digital Vision Board app then you have all the images you need at hand and can start going after your dreams straight away. It also makes changing the images on your Vision Board much easier.

Watch how easy the image selection becomes when using a digital Vision Board or online Vision board:

Always keep in mind that the selected materials should trigger positive emotions.

Go wild and have fun while selecting them. Remain open, you might find yourself drawn to a picture you didn’t initially have on your radar.

Add at least one or more pictures of yourself into your Vision Board. A gorgeous, radiant, and happy picture of yourself that sparks joy inside you every time you look at it.

After you’ve selected a few images you’ll want to sort them. Simplicity is important here. While doing this allow your intuition to guide you. And truly eliminate what doesn’t feel right. Get rid of all images that don’t match your intuition.

Once you have sorted them you can either glue them on a poster, use a cork board, draw, or work with a digital Vision Board app.

If you get bored by your vision board, make a new vision board or change some images. Also keep in mind that over time your desires might change as you are making your Vision Board.

Many ask how many Vision Boards they should make and if they can mix different topics. There really is no correct or incorrect amount of Vision Boards you can make. This is a personal preference.

As I mentioned above, I work with a few. Some people choose to focus on one target at a time until the specific goal is achieved, while others mix up their Vision Boards with all kinds of desires.  You could also create more than one Vision Board for the same goal. There really are no limitations.


Add Affirmations for maximum benefit. Work with positive Affirmations while Visualizing, such as, I have an abundance of love, wealth, … When working with Affirmations state them in present tense and keep them short. I recommend choosing Affirmations that go hand in hand with your emotional images or the intentions you have.

Affirmations will amplify the positive impact of the images on a different mental level, which works in one session, at the same time.

When looking at your Vision Board, listen to stimulating music that elevates your emotions.

Now, this is a great benefit specifically of a digital Vision Board app or online Vision Board. They have the ability to stimulate many senses simultaneously with moving images, spoken Affirmations and soothing music.

Step 2: Bringing your Vision Board to life means to watch it daily

What is the easiest and most effective way to integrate it in your daily life? Ideally you want to have it somewhere where you keep looking at it throughout the day, which is easy to access. I have one in my living-room and bedroom.

This brings you back into alignment with your dreams and keeps your focus exactly where you want it.

Every time you look at it, you should try to feel the optimistic emotions and excitement of already having achieved all that’s on your Vision Board.

The two vital and most important times of the day to focus on your goals are, first thing in the morning (right after waking up) and just before you fall asleep.

At those times your subconscious mind is most receptive to your intentions. These times of the day also set the tone for your upcoming day.

Next, see yourself in the picture and feel the emotions of already having or living it


Recently, I have started using a digital Vision Board app, which now allows me to take my Vision Board everywhere. Especially when I’m on the go – it’s super handy!

And when I’ve got time at hand I can just grab my phone and watch my future dream life as an exciting movie.

It also has an alarm where you can set your morning reminder and wake up with the inspiring images and positive music of your personal vision board. You start into every new day with a positive can do attitude.

Step 3: Manifesting your dreams, live and enjoy your dream life

It’s about becoming in line with the energy first before it has manifested in your life. With focusing on your Vision Board, and visualizing it, your life must change to match the images on your Dream Board and in your mind.

Be grateful, it is coming and it’s happening right this minute! The Law of Attraction is set into motion to your advantage.

Right now, the Universe is moving heaven and earth to match your desires.

Your only job is to know what you want. Don’t think about how you’re going to get anything.

Pay attention to your Vision Board, then pay attention to opportunities.

Manifesting is simply an act of re-aligning yourself with what you were always meant to be.

Digital Vision Board and online Vision Board make it much easier

Vision Boards have been around for centuries. But with this day and age the Vision Board game has been stepped up through digital Vision Board apps or online Vision Boards. And we can all use digitalization to our benefit. What I find best is that you can take them with you anywhere you go, prevent relapse of negative emotions, and they have moving images such as short clips.

law of attraction perfectly happy 

As you can tell there are various ways you can use and make Vision Boards.

Key is:

  • have fun while creating it
  • feel good and excited about your goals
  • when watching, feel the emotions of already having accomplished them
  • be grateful
  • and lastly, know with every fibre of your being that this is the future you are creating, there is absolutely no way around it!

Nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

You have all the material you need at hand and can start going after your dreams straight away.

Let your life be defined by your positive vision of your future and not by the memories of your past. Re-create your life from the inside out, after all it is about you.

Start going after your dream’s. Believe in yourself and know that you can be, do, and have anything and everything you want. You can do it! Step into your full potential!

Please share your Vision Boards with us on Instagram once you have completed them.

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