How to make use of the Law of Attraction?

Whatever you focus your conscious and subconscious thoughts on, that’s where your energy will go. Wherever your energy goes, that’s where your reality will manifest itself. This is the law of attraction.

Every thought we have is associated with a feeling that attracts the same experience. It is therefore really important to find a way to bring as much positivity as possible into our lives through positive thoughts in connection with strong emotions.

You decide whether you want to continue to let your life be determined by negative thoughts and feelings from your past as before,


  • from now on you want to shape your life through positive thoughts and feelings about your dream life.

Do you want to continue to be a bystander, guided by negative experiences from the past, or do you want to change your life for the better according to your vision of your dream life?

Perfectly Happy is a digital video vision board that helps you to create a mental picture of your ideal dream life. It is an efficient tool that uses images, affirmations, and sound to address not just one but different senses at the same time, thus generating very positive thoughts and feelings.

It works not only on the conscious but also on the subconscious thought level.

You can use the Perfectly Happy app on your smartphone and tablet to build three-minute meditation films that show your ideal dream life – it’s quick and easy!

With your personal meditation movie, you train your subconscious to create a mental picture of the desired events and results, which should then become your reality.

The subconscious cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. You condition your subconscious with images, belief statements, and music in combination with positive emotions. Negative thoughts are replaced by positive ones over time.

Let your energy flow to where your conscious and subconscious thoughts are. Allow your reality to manifest and benefit from the law of attraction. Overcome invisible obstacles that keep you from fulfilling your wishes.

Become perfectly happy and step into your fullest potential.

Get started now!