Manifestation Magic

What is manifestation magic?

A lot of times people are surprised about what they’ve drawn into their life. It seems to appear out of nowhere.

But ask an extraordinarily successful person how they manifested their successful life… Chances are high they’ll look at you like you´re crazy, tell you they created it mentally and emotionally (which is normal for them) first and took action steps towards it.

So, the reality is you don’t necessarily manifest your dream or goal out of nowhere, you create it first!

When we want something like, a relationship, a specific job or abundance, what we are asking for are the feelings those things give us.

Think of your main goal right now. And think about how it will make you feel once it becomes evident.

By feeling like it’s already here and experiencing feelings of gratefulness and eagerness you make room for it to come in. We are creative beings and whatever we think and feel most of the time becomes noticeable in our surroundings.

When you think a thought, you activate the creation process.

It’s impossible to not be engaged in the creation process, as it’s impossible to go about your day without thinking or feeling something. Your life as it is right now was created through and by you. Have a magnificent obsession to accomplish your dream life.

But thinking and feeling are only part of it.

You must take action. And when your thinking is right, you’ll be motivated to take action and your results will be extraordinary.

The Universe will give you opportunities, circumstances, present you people or, even give you thoughts upon you will have to get moving. Therefore, it’s so important to get your thinking straight first.

Every person that has succeeded in any way, shape or form got their thoughts right and then they did the work.

That’s the whole magic behind it.

You have to let go of negative belief structures and old habits to recognize all the abundant opportunities presenting themselves to you. Do the inner work, love yourself and your dream enough to take some steps towards it. Become it before it appears.

Believe and you will receive, doubt and you will go without.

Law of Attraction will kick in and move heaven and earth in your favour. Once your thoughts are in alignment with your goal and you’ve started to go after it, it now has to manifest. There is no way around it.

This could be your permission slip of empowerment. Your reality is your creation. You are a powerful creator.  Your only job is to deliberately focus your thoughts on what it is you want to create and move towards it. Get into alignment with your desire. This is how we engage the Universal laws. The Law of Attraction brings the manifestation (seemingly out of thin air) to you.

It’s manifestation magic but it’s also not.

There are many tools you can use to help you focus on those feelings for longer periods (and make room for the manifestation). Like Visualization  and Affirmations. When Visualizing, see yourself in the picture. And see the picture through your eyes as if you’re experiencing it now. Use positive Affirmations and Motivational Quotes. Say them out loud. State them in the present tense and always keep them positive.

Rather than saying, I want to be healthy. Say, my body is healthy. I have a strong immune system. I can rely on my body’s healing powers.

If you can’t believe the Affirmation or Motivational Quote, start with something small and work your way up.

When Visualizing your dream, you can use Vision Boards  or Dream Boards with pictures and Affirmations that represent the life you want to live. Work with pictures that motivate you and make you feel good while looking at them. Put your Vision Board / Dream Board somewhere where you can always see it.

Another great help are Digital Vision Boards.

It’s right at your hands no matter where you are. You can recalibrate and synchronize with your wishes at all times. It’s perfect if you’re very eager to accomplish your goal as soon as possible.

There are a few that can stimulate many of your senses simultaneously. Having an even greater impact on your creation process. They support you in becoming more mindful and keep a clear picture in your mind’s eye of your dreams.

You are a powerful creative being and you can have, be and do anything and everything you want.

There are no limits except the limits you impose on yourself and it’s up to you to break free from anything weighing you down. Let go of beliefs that no longer serve you. You are always divinely guided, deeply loved and cherished.

Keep going. It takes strength, perseverance and a clear focus. And never let anyone steal your dreams. Believe and have faith.

You can do it …