Body Positivity Affirmations

More self-love through body positivity

Body positivity has experienced a real hype in recent years, mainly through social media. Sometimes you might feel unhappy when you look in the mirror? A roll of fat here, a dent there and your hair could use more volume? You don’t have to feel that way! The body positivity affirmations approach helps you to rediscover your self-love and increase your self-confidence. In addition, it is simply unfair and – to be honest – somehow outdated to judge people only by their appearance. Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s thin or fat, dark or light, female, male or anything in between – we all have the same value and deserve to simply feel good in our bodies.

Use the Perfectly Happy app to internalize body positivity affirmations also know as positive body affirmations. In just 3 minutes a day you can feel more self-love and live a happier life.

Would you like to feel comfortable in your own skin? Perfectly Happy supports you on your journey to self-love with body positivity affirmations. After all, there are far more important things than your looks. For example, your body takes you from A to B, that you can express and ignite your feelings of happiness through dancing and that it lets you taste the tastiest flavors!

With body positivity, ideals of beauty become an outdated concept. Body positivity manages to give the great variety of different bodies a stage and thereby help to gain general acceptance.

Because: Gray uniformity is out!

How do I program my brain to love myself with body positivity affirmations?

How we feel and what thoughts and circumstances we attract are largely up to us. More precisely, our way of thinking and our mindset. If you find yourself in a negative thought spiral, don’t worry. There is a powerful tool to let more positivity into your life and into your mind: affirmations as a tool of the law of attraction. This law states that above all those things come into our lives that we subconsciously attract. If we think more good things, more good things will happen to us.

Create your own video vision board with Perfectly Happy. You can use ready-made images and body positivity affirmations, but you can also use your own. The main aspect is that they trigger positive emotions in you. Because the stronger your mind movie affects you, the sooner your subconscious can absorb it and the better you can internalize it.

With Perfectly Happy to body positivity

Vision Boards and a Gratitude Journal, also known as a Gratefulness Diary, as a log of your successes and good things in your life, are so effective because the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. Dedicate yourself to your positive mind movies and body positivity affirmations every day – ideally right before you get up and go to bed. In this way, your subconscious mind will be able to process what it sees and hears more quickly, and your conscious mind will be able to absorb it more quickly as well.

Don’t leave your fate to chance! Take control of your thoughts and transform your life into a more positive one. Convince yourself and try the Perfectly Happy app for free.

Inspiration for body positivity & self love affirmations

You can use the following affirmations for your mind movies or use them as inspiration:

Just try it and improve your life in just 3 minutes a day! Test the app for free and create your vision board for one or more of the following areas of life: