Affirmations for nutrition, weight loss, diet & vitality

Live healthier and finally reach your desired weight.

Do you feel uncomfortable with your current weight?

Have you been wanting to lose weight and feel fit for a long time, but just can’t find the stamina you need?

That’s how it is for many these days. Unhealthy and high-calorie food is everywhere, easily accessible and cheap. Due to this oversupply, many of us have forgotten how to listen to our bodies’ natural hunger signals and therefore gain weight. With the help of positive affirmations, you can break this cycle and achieve your desired weight more easily and maintain it permanently – without starving yourself or taking expensive supplements! Here you can find out how.

How do I program my brain for vitality and weight loss?

It may sound a bit strange, but: We can actually “program” our brains to achieve certain goals. The whole thing is based on the law of attraction – it says that our thoughts have a great influence on our actions and thus on the developments in our lives.

The power of thoughts over the human body has even been scientifically proven: Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, USA, were able to prove that “mental gymnastics” contributes to muscle growth. The subjects in the study were asked to imagine tensing their biceps with the greatest possible effort, without actually moving the muscle. After fourteen days, an average muscle gain of 13.5% could be determined – just through the power of thought!

You see: What you think influences who you are. To use this effectively for you, you can use positive affirmations. Affirmations, which you formulate yourself, trigger emotional reactions in you – and thus align both your conscious and your subconscious to achieve your goals. So, ultimately, you can’t help but work toward them. This works in many situations in life – including weight loss and changing your diet.

Affirmations can be thoughts, pictures or written sentences. But they are most effective in the form of a digital vision board, also known as a mind movie. In this, your affirmations will be read to you by a calm voice while you see matching pictures and listen to pleasant music. This stimulates several of your senses simultaneously and the image of your slim, fit body feels even more real. In this way it is anchored more quickly in your subconscious, which cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. The thoughts become your here and now – all by themselves. In the Perfectly Happy app, you can create your own personal, three-minute mind movie in just a few steps and start working on reaching your target weight immediately. You choose images, affirmations and music and the app automatically builds your mind movie from them.

This is what a mind movie about losing weight can look like:

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The next step after creating your weight loss and nutrition mind movie is to watch it several times a day. It works best right after waking up and before falling asleep, but you can also use it during the coffee break or the daily subway ride. After all, the movie only lasts three minutes – which can always be found in between tasks.

You will soon notice that both your thought patterns and your actions change. You will perceive your body’s hunger signals more clearly and follow them automatically. You will develop joy in exercise and automatically reach for high-quality foods that give your body the fuel it needs. This will make you feel more vital and you will lose weight without starving yourself. So your dream body is within reach – the key is the right, positive thoughts!

Reach your desired figure with Perfectly Happy

Perfectly Happy cannot replace a balanced diet and regular exercise. With the digital vision board and the gratitude journal, the app gives you effective psychological tools to reach the goal of feeling good in your body faster.

Take control of your thoughts and therefore of your life! Try out the free trial version of the Perfectly Happy app and let yourself be won over.

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