Affirmations to attract a relationship & love

Attract the people who harmonize with you

Hand on heart – who doesn’t long for a happy relationship? The wait is over, finally take matters into your own hands to find your dream partner! First of all, think about what your dream partner should bring along and what values you are looking for. Is humor your top priority? A shy smile at one of your jokes makes you weak? Do you love sports and want a sporting partner? Try to go into yourself and create dream moments. Next, you can visualize these scenes using the Perfectly Happy vision board app.

If you keep reminding yourself of your desires when it comes to partners and relationships, your subconscious will be wired toward them. Over time, you’ll attract the kind of people you’ve always dreamed of.

How it works? Very simple – our subconscious controls who enters our lives and, above all, how we interact with these people. Trust your instincts because, conversely, you will attract the right people. Those with whom you simply harmonize.

How can I use positive affirmations for my relationship?

Even if you haven’t found the right person for you yet – don’t despair! Because there is a suitable counterpart for everyone out there. Enjoy life and do as you please. A partner should never complete you anyway, but enrich your life even more. When the time comes, the right person will surely come into your life.

In order for your subconscious mind to be prepared and to attract or recognize this suitable person, three minutes per day with Perfectly Happy is enough.

This way you will manage to stop letting your life be shaped by (negative) memories and instead be inspired by positive ideas about the future with your dream partner.

This is how you manage to no longer shape your life with (negative) memories, but to be inspired by positive ideas about the future with your dream partner.

Perfectly Happy vision board app as a guide to happiness

Perfectly Happy helps you to positively change your thoughts and feelings, your attitude towards partnership and relationships. Our thoughts and feelings have a tremendous impact on what we attract. We unconsciously control who and how someone enters our lives and interacts with us. Change your thoughts and feelings first, and you will attract the right person like a magnet much easier and faster – Perfectly Happy will help you with that.

First create your personal Perfectly Happy Movie that shows what your dream relationship and what your dream partner looks like. For your movie you choose images that show what is important to you in a relationship, such as mutual respect and appreciation, loyalty, looks, age, hobbies, sexuality, or whatever is relevant to you. You combine these pictures with personal photos of yourself and positive beliefs. The more emotional, exciting and beautiful the pictures, the better. The app combines them & instantly creates an inspiring, personalized vision board video clip for you. The more vivid your vision, the easier it becomes to manifest. You create a strong emotional connection between your desired partner and yourself.

After that, you should ideally watch your personal Perfectly Happy Movie every morning immediately after waking up and in the evening before you go to bed. With the help of your Perfectly Happy Movie, you can imagine how good life with your partner feels when you watch it. You can feel how comfortable the mutual hugs are. The vision board movies, i.e. short videos that you can easily design yourself in the Perfectly Happy vision board app and according to your own ideas, will help you to develop a positive mindset. All you have to do is create your personal video vision board and then concentrate on it – preferably before you wake up, and before you go to bed. For example, your partner and relationship vision board might show:

For the positive affirmations that round off the video vision board, you can also think of your own personal guiding principles. Just watch our sample videos and you’ll see – you’ll get the hang of it very quickly!

Inspiration for Affirmations for Partner & Relationship

Feel free to use the following positive affirmations or use them as a source of inspiration for your own. If you want to make up your own – very personal – affirmations, make sure that they are formulated positively and do not contain words like “not” or “no”. Have fun creating your own video vision boards!