Do you feel weak, sick and lacking energy, or are you suffering from an illness that drains and weakens you?

Then download your Perfectly Happy app. Perfectly Happy helps you improve your emotional state and activate the self-healing powers of your body.

First, create your personal Perfectly Happy movie, which shows how you recover, become vital and healthy. For your movie, choose images that symbolize vitality, life force, energy, youth and health, e.g. the flower of life or warming sunrays, a healing crystal. Combine these with personal photos of yourself and positive Affirmations. The more positive, emotional, exciting and beautiful the pictures, the better. In your personal movie you are bursting with vitality and life force.

Afterwards, you ideally watch your personal Perfectly Happy movie every morning immediately after waking up and in the evening before going to sleep. With the help of the movie you can easily picture how good it feels when you have no physical complaints and are totally healthy and vital. You imagine how great your healthy, fit and vital body feels. Every cell in your body is bursting with positive energy. You feel healthy and full of energy.

By doing this, you will train your subconscious to create a mental image of your healthy body that should then become your reality. Your subconscious cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. You’ll condition your subconscious using images, Affirmations and sound in combination with positive emotions.

Now watch an example clip on the topic

Over time, negative thoughts will be replaced by positive ones.

Whatever you focus your conscious and subconscious thoughts on, that’s where your energy will go. Wherever your energy goes, that’s where your reality will manifest itself.

This cannot replace a professional medical treatment, but your Perfectly Happy movie can help to reduce emotional blockages and to positively influence the physical state through the mental one. We see it as a helpful, complementary instrument to improve the healing and recovery process. Your immune system and your self-healing powers are activated and strengthened.

Grow beyond your current life circumstances with Perfectly Happy. Become the creator of your dream life! Use the power of your thoughts and feelings to your advantage using the Perfectly Happy app.

Allow your life to be defined by your positive vision of your future instead of a memory of the past. Live up to your full potential!

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