Law of Attraction + Visualization + Affirmation = Fulfillment

Become more mindful, focused, confident, creative and successful with your true dreams and goals. Many successful athletes, musicians, show stars and businessmen use the technique of Visualization every day to perform at their peak and reach their goals.

Every person has on average 65,000 thoughts per day. According to a study by the American Science Institute, about 80% of these are exactly the same thoughts we had the day before.
The same thoughts lead to the same behavior, which in turn leads to the same experiences, the same emotions and again to the same thoughts.
Our behavior becomes a habit. The body unconsciously determines what we do as if it were on autopilot.
The first thing most of us do when we wake up is pick up our cell phones to check our emails, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp messages. But if you start the day thinking about problems from the past and begin your day like yesterday, it will be similar to yesterday.
We have to stop the carousel of same thoughts and feelings to be able to not only change our life, but to improve it.

Let your life be defined by your vision of your future

Then you would not let your life be determined by a memory of the past, but by your positive vision of the future. How about waking up in the morning and thinking about something positive, like your idea of your dream life? Now you begin to create your own future.

Perfectly Happy is an efficient tool that uses positive images, Affirmations and sound to address not only one, but many senses simultaneously. Perfectly Happy does not only help you on a conscious, but also subconscious level.
The secret behind the highly effective Visualization process consists of two elements – thoughts and feelings:

Your Perfectly Happy movie makes it much easier to connect your clear intention with an elevated emotion. This allows for your brain and body to no longer be affected by memories of the past, but by your images of the future. Images, Affirmations and music all address different senses and thereby move you emotionally in a positive and very strong way.

Law of Attraction

Whatever you focus your conscious and subconscious thoughts on, that’s where your energy will go. Wherever your energy goes, that’s where your reality will manifest itself (Law of Attraction).

Overcome invisible obstacles that are keeping you from living your dream life.

“What you think, you become.“


You will train your subconscious to create a mental image of your desired results and goals that will become a reality. Your subconscious cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. You’ll condition your subconscious using images, Affirmations and sound in combination with positive emotions. Over time, negative thoughts will be replaced by positive ones.
By repeatedly watching your meditation movie, new synaptic connections are created in the brain. Through regular repetition, these are permanently established. This process of rewiring the brain by forming new neuronal connections is called neuroplasticity.

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”

– Thomas A. Edison

Connect your clear intentions with elevated emotions and your subconscious will work on converting your dreams into reality in real life.

In just 3 minutes per day, your Perfectly Happy movie will reprogram your subconscious.

Create the movie of your dream life. Live up to your full potential!
Be Perfectly Happy!