10 feel-good and even better Affirmations

Positive Affirmations (also known as Motivational quotes) have become extremely popular over the past years, especially through Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are full of groups and individuals posting positive Affirmations.

But do they really work? And if so how?

Your subconscious has immense power. It controls what food you eat, what action steps you take, how successful you are, how you perceive your outside and inside world. Everything is steered by your subconscious. The subconscious is your autopilot. You don’t think about every movement you make and yet you still make them.

Both science and psychology have proven that Affirmations do in fact work.

Positive Affirmations reprogram your subconscious to a more uplifting and empowering belief system, which in effect guides you to a more positive life. If you don’t believe you can achieve something, it’s because your subconscious doesn’t believe it. Knowing this is a great benefit, as you are now able to condition yourself to, happiness, success, health or whatever it is you really want.

However, there are certain steps to keep in mind when working with any type of Affirmations. To make lasting, long-term changes to the way you think and feel, you must practice them on a regular consistent basis. And they have to be stated in the present. As an example: “I am going to be” … or “I will do this” … will have zero effect.

Your brain processes information in the present tense.

It doesn’t know the difference between the past or the future. For your brain everything literally happens in the moment.

For example: “I am making a change” instead of, “I am going to make a change”. “I am happy” instead of, “I’m going to be happy”. Stating Affirmations in the past or future leaves you in a constant state of yearning for something.

The clearer you feel what you state in your affirmation and the more intensely you allow yourself to feel the emotions of already having achieved your goal, the more impactful the affirmation.

Try to combine the affirmation with an elevated, positive emotion and you will get your subconscious mind working towards your goal much faster. A remarkably effective way to get in a higher mental state is to combine affirmations with pictures that move you emotionally. Which is also known as visualization.

As a summary.

Positive Affirmations have a major impact on your subconscious meaning, they work! They must be stated in present tense. Make them believable and teach your brain to think a new way that is to your advantage. Also, you harness the Law of Attraction to your benefit.

Here are 10 positive feel good Affirmations, enjoy!

Perfectly Happy Affirmation Love Life

Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it and let it out through your mouth. Consciously feel the energy of life flow through your body. Remember what a miracle it is to be alive. And how exciting this journey of life is.

Powerful Affirmation 

You are an eternally powerful being forever in control of your life and what goes on in it. Your destiny is what you make out of your current circumstance. With a positive mindset you are destined to live a life full of empowerment and joy.

Selflove Affirmation 

We all contribute to society and this beautiful universe. Knowing that you are of value and unique in every way is a state of mind to be achieved by everyone. Your individuality is what makes you, you and nobody can be better at being you than you.

Love Affirmation 

If everyone were to love themselves nobody would ever lack love again. Simple but true. We cannot expect to receive love when we are not willing to love ourselves first, unconditionally. To love yourself is to understand and accept yourself. With all your perfect imperfections, quirks and insecurities you may have. You are always surrounded by love waiting for you to let it in.

Appreciation Love Affirmation

Be grateful for all you have achieved, how far you have come and how far you’re still going to go. Look at yourself in the mirror, place your hand on your heart and smile. Appreciate your facial expression for they are evidence of the life you have lived, feel the air you breathe and the experiences you have gone through. Self-appreciation is essential and never ending.

Beautiful Life Affirmation 

You are wonderful. Wonderful in so many ways. Break the word down. Wonder and full. You see the meaning? You are full of wonders and miracles. So many things had to happen for you to exist in flesh and bones. Can you feel all the wonders of life flowing through your veins?

I am Affirmation 

You do not lack anything, there is nothing you need or can’t have. We live in an abundant universe and whatever we ask for it is given. You are your own limit. Break the limitations in your mind and watch yourself sly rocket beyond your wildest dreams. It’s all there waiting for you to claim it.

I am success Affirmation 

What would happen if we were to cut the word loser out of our vocabulary? Simple, we’d all be winners. When it comes to the game of life, we are all always winning. Even people that seem to have lost it all, are winning. How? Because you become what you believe. We are always given what we ask for. Empower yourself and know that you cannot make any mistakes and everything always has a way of working out for you. No question, it’s a knowingness.

Better Life Affirmation 

You deserve all the success, health, happiness, and miraculous moments you can imagine and so much more. Whatever it is you are wishing for, know with every fibre of your being that you deserve to have it, gain it or achieve it. You are worthy. You are pure positive energy focused in a body. There is nothing you have to do to deserve anything. You just have to want it. In that wanting the deservance is already there.

The Law of Attraction Affirmation 

Do you believe that during creation, source made one of you in order for the Universe to be complete? Without you there would be a missing piece of the puzzle. You are essential and necessary for the Universe to work in such a magnificent and complex way. Everyone in their diverseness is.

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Be – Perfectly Happy