Affirmations for good sleep & inner peace

Find inner peace and relaxation

Do you often find it difficult to switch off and fall asleep?

Are you restless inside?

When you try to fall asleep, do you get stuck in the same mental loops?

In our fast-paced and demanding world, many people struggle to find relaxation at the end of the day. There is too much to do, to plan, to think about. This inner restlessness leads to problems falling asleep and staying asleep and thus to a cycle of exhaustion and even greater pressure to perform. With the help of positive affirmations and a soothing vision board, you can break this spiral and finally find the rest and relaxation you deserve!

Why are good sleep and inner peace so important?

Sleep is a basic need because it is essential for physical and mental recovery. Memory, concentration, mood and mental health all suffer from a lack of sleep, as does our metabolism and immune system. We are also more sensitive to pain when we are overtired and our skin ages faster.

Too little sleep not only makes you tired, but also affects well-being and performance. You see: finding inner peace in the evening is absolutely nothing esoteric – it is important for your mental and physical health.

What do sleep affirmations do?

So how can you work on getting better sleep and staying asleep? Along with a daily bedtime routine and the right mattress, positive affirmations and your personal, soothing vision board can help calm your mind. These are psychological tools that you can use to break through deadlocked thought patterns and program your subconscious to do what is good for you. For example, getting a good night’s sleep.

The effectiveness of affirmations is based on the law of attraction. This states that regular repetitions of affirmations ultimately anchor it in the subconscious and allow it to become your perceived reality. So your thoughts have a great influence on your life and your decisions – and you have the power to influence them positively!

Affirmations can be phrases or images that trigger an emotional response in you. So-called vision board movies or law of attraction movies or mind movie are particularly effective – short movies in which your affirmations are read aloud by a calm voice while you see uplifting pictures and listen to inspiring music. In this form, the positive affirmations address not just one, but several of your senses, which ensures that the subconscious quickly perceives them as reality. In the digital vision board of the Perfectly Happy app, you can create your very own mind movie in just a few steps. You choose images, affirmations and music and the app automatically builds your mind movie from them. The movie only lasts three minutes and is always there on your mobile phone or tablet, wherever you are. You can also experience it this way when you’re staying at a hotel or in a friend’s guest room. So that you can find relaxation and inner peace everywhere.

How can a digital vision board about good sleep look like?

Play Video

Once you have created your digital vision board, you can immediately start aligning your subconscious with inner peace and relaxation. Watch your soothing vision board every night right before you go to bed. Eliminate all distractions – in these three minutes it’s just you and your mind movie.

Afterward, if you find you are still having a hard time falling asleep, you can watch the movie again or close your eyes and repeat your affirmations in your mind. Over time, you will be able to replace thought loops and inner restlessness with positive, relaxing thoughts. And as a result, become calmer and get a good night’s sleep.

Perfectly Happy vision board app: Your path to inner peace

If your problems falling asleep or staying asleep are health-related, Perfectly Happy cannot replace medical treatment. But if it’s thoughts, stress and pressure to perform that keep you awake, you can use the app as a powerful tool to find relaxation. With its functions such as the digital vision board and the gratitude journal, you can actively work on increasing gratitude and positive thoughts in your everyday life and thus find more and more inner peace. Then good and restful sleep will come all by itself!

Inspirational affirmations for good sleep