In the morning and evening Perfectly Happy is most effective.

In general, you can watch your personal Perfectly Happy movie anytime on your smartphone or tablet. Ideally, watch your movie early in the morning – just after waking up – and make it the first thing you do before you start your day. Your subconscious will be particularly open and receptive at that time.

Watching it again just before you go to sleep lets you end your day in a positive way. In addition, you can watch it during the day whenever you have time or you are simply in the mood.

SOS Meditation

SOS meditation in particularly difficult situations: Your personal meditation movie is always at your hand ready on your mobile or tablet. It will help you lift your mood and well-being and to recalibrate yourself. It will help you focus on the positive and to not lose sight of your true goals.

Think, feel and enjoy your dream life!

Take the first step on your way to a happier life.