When should I watch my Vision Board?

This is how the Perfectly Happy Vision Board App works best

Since you always have your video vision board with you on your smartphone, you can view it at any time. However, the most efficient way to internalize your vision board is to set a fixed time for it. It’s best to watch your video in the morning, as the first action of the day. Your subconscious is particularly receptive during this phase. In addition, you can also watch it in the evening before going to bed. This makes it easier to internalize what you see because you take it with you to sleep and your subconscious absorbs it more easily.

What’s SOS Meditation?

Are you struggling with a difficult situation? If you find yourself in a negative thought spiral, just pull out your cell phone or tablet and watch your personal meditation movie that you have created. It will help you lift your mood and get you back to your well-being.

The declared goal of the law of attraction and of affirmations is to concentrate on the positive, and thus to attract good things or to let them into one’s own life.

This allows you to focus on the big picture and what you actually want to achieve.

Just try it and improve your life in just 3 minutes a day! Test the app for free and create your vision board for one or more of the following areas of life:

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